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Real Estate​
Venture Capital
Private Equity

Lionsbrothers provides an exclusive private client service designed for investors interested in the high returns possible from property. 


We look to achieve higher returns by: First identifying a market with the potential of high appreciation.Then look to define specific investment opportunities within that area.


Offering a risk free return profile appropriate to our clients’ needs.

Providing a high level of client service.


Lionsbrothers aims to be an alternative Venture Capital investment company with an innovative and high remunerative method.


We invest in both our projects and exteranl project that we think are successful ones. Our objective is to create an alternative investment fund with a strong social impact based on financing start-ups in South of Italy where we found an enormous amount of strong viable projects which never come to life due to a lack of dedicated financial institutions.


We are committed to make this a success.


Lionsbrothers is the first company of its kind which aims to facilitate the encounter between companies operating in various industrial and commercial sectors and Private Equity firms which intend to invest within the Italian market.


Lionsbrothers provides consultancy to Institutinal and Private clients who intend to invest in the Italian market. Today as never before strong opportunities are emerging due to the finan cial European crisis.


This enable both the Investors and the Entrepreneurs to take advantage of these exceptional circumstance.

We seek success...

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