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Lionsbrothers Limited is a privately owned investment company based in London, Mayfair. Lionsbrothers operates in various sectors such as properties, real estate, 2.0 technologies and catering.

Lionsbrothers Limited was established with the express intention of opening up the world of investing in Lionsbrothers start-up projects as well as in early stage companies - which has historically been the domain of institutions and angel investors - to the private clients.

It is this area of investment that Lionsbrothers Ltd now makes available to private investors.

Investment in private companies presents a high-risk speculation with the potential for capital gains on successful investments.

We generally also offer investments individually and not through a fund which allows our clients to make an independent assessment of each opportunity prior to actually investing.

Lionsbrothers aims to be an alternative Venture Capital investment fund with an innovative and high remunerative method.


Project  Success

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